3 Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Eyewear

If you wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis, you can express yourself in very creative ways while still being able to see clearly. In many ways, you can consider your eyewear accessories to complement your style and personality. Here are ways you can stand out of the crowd with both your contact lenses and your glasses, so you always feel unique while seeing 20/20. Tinted lenses If you aren't into wearing contact lenses on a regular basis but you think your glasses are a bit on the boring side, give them a splash of color that gives you a mysterious and spunky allure at the same time.

Don't Let Glaucoma Rob You Of Your Vision

Glaucoma causes the pressure in your eye to increase, which puts stress on your optic nerve. If it goes untreated, you risk serious damage to your sight, even blindness. The cause of glaucoma is unknown, and you may not have symptoms until your vision is damaged. Here is what you need to know about this silent disease and how to prevent it from affecting your sight. Factors Affecting Your Risk of Getting Glaucoma

So, You Have Astigmatism: What You Need To Know About Your Condition

You're sitting in your eye doctor's chair, struggling to see the eye chart. The doctor steps back from examining your eyes and says "Yep, you have some astigmatism." A quick pair of glasses or contacts, and you're out the door before you have the chance to think of questions ask questions about this condition. Here's a look at a few questions you may have now that your diagnosis has had time to set in.

Preparing Yourself For Cataract Surgery

The blurry vision became too much to deal with so your eye doctor suggested cataract surgery to clear up your vision. This outpatient procedure is done on a regular basis to address the loss of vision due to a foggy lens in the eye. You may even have a slight correction of your vision as a result of the surgery. Here is how to prepare yourself for this procedure and what you can expect from it.

Leave The Sandman Out Of It! A Closer Look At Gritty Eye Problems

Even if you have been begging for the Sandman to bring you a dream, waking up with the feeling of gritty sand in your eyes will not be a welcome experience. Gritty feeling eyes can make your eyes burn and itch, leave your vision lacking in clarity, and really make you feel like crawling back into the bed. Before you start complaining about the Sandman, make sure that the gritty feelings you are experiencing in your eyes is not due to an optometric problem that you should know about.

Eye Care Tips: Guide To Naturally Prevent Cataracts

Keeping your eyes healthy is important, especially if you want to prevent eye-related issues like cataracts. Cataracts are caused by tissue degeneration and damage. Do not fret, because the following guide may help you prevent cataracts naturally.  The Multivitamin Method A study revealed that a multivitamin that contains vitamin C, E, and beta-carotene may help prevent cataracts from developing in your eyes. These vitamins help reinforce your eye tissue, which helps prevent degeneration.

3 Tips for Choosing the Best Glasses

Wearing glasses can be a pain if you don't like the glasses that you own. If you do love your glasses, then you can treat them as a fashion accessory and wearing them is much less aggravating or embarrassing. Follow these three tips in order to make sure that you choose the best glasses possible. 1. Try to Make Your Glasses Contrast Your Face There seems to be an unlimited number of options for different types of frames.

Tips For Healthy Eyes

You want to make sure you do all you can to keep your eyes as healthy as possible. The tips detailed below will help educate you on the things you should be doing to keep your eyes in good health and decrease your chances of suffering from eye problems in the future. Don't overwork your eyes If you already have a prescription for glasses, you want to wear them when appropriate, such as wearing your reading glasses to read and your driving glasses when you drive.

Time for Cataract Surgery? 4 Tips to Help Your Eyes Heal Properly

If you're optometrist has recommended surgery to remove the cataracts from your eyes, you might be wondering what precautions you'll need to take following the surgery. Your optometrist will provide you with a detailed list of post-operative instructions that you'll need to follow. Here are some additional suggestions that will help you recover more quickly. Avoid Exercise Once you've had your cataract surgery, you'll want to avoid exercise for the first few days.

How To Ensure A Safe And Comfy Contact Lens Experience

Contact lenses are an easy way to achieve sharp vision without glasses. Unfortunately, disposable daily contacts are expensive and may not fit the eyes properly, so in most cases it is necessary to purchase bi-weekly or monthly lenses and maintain them until replacement. Although daily maintenance may seem like a daunting task, caring for your contacts is quite simple once you have the right tools and knowledge at hand. The Solution for Your Contacts