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3 Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Eyewear

If you wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis, you can express yourself in very creative ways while still being able to see clearly. In many ways, you can consider your eyewear accessories to complement your style and personality. Here are ways you can stand out of the crowd with both your contact lenses and your glasses, so you always feel unique while seeing 20/20.

Tinted lenses

If you aren't into wearing contact lenses on a regular basis but you think your glasses are a bit on the boring side, give them a splash of color that gives you a mysterious and spunky allure at the same time. Tinted lenses are designed to be both fashionable and protective against the sun's harsh rays, and come in a variety of hues to match your style and personality. You can have your regular glasses fitted for tinted lenses in rose, blue, green, and even purple. These hues are trendy and offer just the slightest hint of color to bring out your facial features and make your eyewear ultra-chic and hip.

Custom contacts

If you wear contacts on a regular basis or like to switch up to a glasses-free style for dates and special occasions, you can punch up your trend appeal by getting fitted for custom contact lenses that make your eyes really pop. Custom contacts can be infused with color patterns to make your natural eye color stand out. You can even get contacts in an entirely different hue to give yourself a new look. If you have brown eyes, for example (the most common eye color in the world), and want to stand out in the crowd, opt for custom contacts with blue and green infused in them to give your eyes a more hazel or golden appearance. Or, you can completely change your eye color when wearing custom contacts to bright blue, violet, or even a golden yellow-green. You can even have custom contacts designed for you if you have to wear hard contact lenses or other special contact types.

Funky frames

Overly-large round frames can give you an artistic appeal, while cat-eye glasses can give your personality the fun and funky punch you need. Small-rimmed frames can show off your natural face, while multicolored frames in any style can help you stand out in the crowd. Don't be afraid to try a new set of frames that take you away from the classic oval or square fashions you're used to. If you own your unique, funky frames and wear them with confidence, you will always be in style.

There are many ways you can be unique in style, even if you wear contacts or glasses every day. From tinted lenses to custom colored contacts, you can always put your best foot forward while seeing 20/20 at the same time. For more information about custom contact lenses, visit EyeCare About Vegas: Dr. R Dougal Morrison & Dr. Christopher Coker.