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Time for Cataract Surgery? 4 Tips to Help Your Eyes Heal Properly

If you're optometrist has recommended surgery to remove the cataracts from your eyes, you might be wondering what precautions you'll need to take following the surgery. Your optometrist will provide you with a detailed list of post-operative instructions that you'll need to follow. Here are some additional suggestions that will help you recover more quickly.

Avoid Exercise

Once you've had your cataract surgery, you'll want to avoid exercise for the first few days. Your eyes will be sensitive to pressure, which can be increased during physical exertion.  This is particularly true of strenuous physical activity.

Keep Your Eyes Dry

Water and soaps can harm your eyes while they're recovering from surgery. Instead of showering after your surgery, try taking baths, or using a sponge to wash yourself. Pay close attention to keep water and detergents away from your eyes until your doctor releases you.

Rest Your Eyes

For the first few days following surgery, you should give your eyes some rest. Try not to participate in activities that require too much stress on your eyes, including reading, computer work, or watching television. You should also avoid direct sunlight. Stay inside and relax for several days after you've had cataract surgery.

Try Not To Bend Over

If you've ever paid attention to the way your eyes feel when you bend over, you know that they experience increased pressure. The pressure that builds up can harm your eyes if they aren't fully healed from surgery. It may be difficult to avoid bending, however, there are a few tricks you can try.

Sit Down and Reach

Instead of bending over at the waist to pick something up, try sitting down. Reaching for an object from a seated position puts less pressure on your eyes.

Use a Grabber

While you're preparing for your surgery, you might want to pick up an extendable grabber. The grabber will allow you to retrieve objects that you need without bending or putting unnecessary pressure on your eyes.

If you're not sure what an extendable grabber is, it's a pole that has a hand-like attachment on the end. When you press the lever, the attachment opens and closes to grasp objects.

Your surgery will remove the cataracts so that you can see more clearly. In order to heal properly, you'll need to take care of your eyes following your surgery. These simple techniques will help you protect your eyes so they can heal completely. For more information, contact Northwest Ophthalmology