Locating The Right Glasses For Your Face

You might despise the pair of glasses you are currently wearing, but you just can't decide why you are so against them. If you have found that you often don't like how you look in your glasses, there might be something you are doing wrong with how you are selecting them. Considering Color The glasses should use colors that compliment your face. Black is a good color for highlighting and outlining eyes. [Read More]

Remove That Spray Paint From Your Glasses Easily

Relying on your eyeglasses to see clearly while you do just about everything each day can put your glasses at risk of all sorts of damage. Spray painting projects can cause a lot of damage to your glasses quickly and easily. Fortunately, that paint doesn't have to remain on your glasses forever – you can get it off. You will need a few supplies: Soft, clean cloths Liquid dish soap Bowl large enough to fit your glasses in Glass cleaner containing ammonia Very warm water Playing card or business card Wet Paint [Read More]

Learn How To Repurpose An Inherited Pair Of Eyeglasses

Many people assume that once a pair of glasses has been made for one person, those glasses can only be worn by that person forever. That is not the case at all. If a loved one has passed down an old pair of their glasses to you and you want to be able to wear them, it is possible to make them perfect for you. The following guide walks you through the process of repurposing an old pair of glasses. [Read More]

The Ups And Down Side To Rubbing Your Eyes

For some reason, rubbing your eyes when you are tired is something that is very hard to resist. When you rub your eyes, it can bring on a feeling of almost satisfaction. Here are some of both the upsides and downsides to rubbing your eyes. There Is A Good Reason You Want To Rub Your Eyes When Your Tired The first thing you need to know is that their is a good reason you want to rub your eyes when you are tired. [Read More]