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Locating The Right Glasses For Your Face

You might despise the pair of glasses you are currently wearing, but you just can't decide why you are so against them. If you have found that you often don't like how you look in your glasses, there might be something you are doing wrong with how you are selecting them.

Considering Color

The glasses should use colors that compliment your face. Black is a good color for highlighting and outlining eyes. Glasses should also be chosen that contrast the tone of your face. If you have a warm skin tone, you will want to choose colors that do not contrast, such as pastels. If you have a medium-warm skin tone, you should consider amber-colored frames.Browns, gold, honey, beige, olive green and turquoise can all be great choices

If you have a cool skin tone, this means that your skin consists of pink and blue undertones. You should get glasses that are pink, purple, dark turquoise, gray, mauve, purple or blue. Blue-green glasses can look great for those who have medium skin with cool undertones.

Round Faces

The frames should contrast your face shape. If you have a round face, you are best off with a set of glasses that are square or rectangular. Having the square or rectangular glasses can cause your face to look slimmer.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are the easiest to work with when getting glasses because they balance the proportions. For an oval face, the frames need to have a strong bridge. The frames need to be wider than the widest part of the face. The eyeglasses must not be too large.

Square Faces

Those who have square faces will need to have glasses that are rounder and help give the face a softer overall appearance. This includes both oval and circular glasses.

Diamond Faces

If you have a diamond face, the best pair of glasses is one that improves the appearance of your forehead and chin, such as oval frames.

Oblong Faces

Oblong faces are more long than they are wide. Ideally, the frames should have more depth than they have width. A low bridge will also make the nose shorter.

The Glasses And Your Forehead

Do not use frames that draw attention to the forehead, since doing so will not improve your appearance. Instead, look for glasses that will emphasize your best features and you will be much happier with how you look wearing them. To find out more, speak with someone like Envision Eyecare.