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The Ups And Down Side To Rubbing Your Eyes

For some reason, rubbing your eyes when you are tired is something that is very hard to resist. When you rub your eyes, it can bring on a feeling of almost satisfaction. Here are some of both the upsides and downsides to rubbing your eyes.

There Is A Good Reason You Want To Rub Your Eyes When Your Tired

The first thing you need to know is that their is a good reason you want to rub your eyes when you are tired. When your eyes get tired, they tend to get dried out. When you rub your eyes, this stimulates your lacrimal glands in your eyes. This stimulation will help lubricate your eyes. When your eyes are lubricated, it provides your eyes with some relief from feeling dry and tired. 

Additionally, when you rub your eyes, the pressure on your eye also stimulates your vagus nerve. When this nerve is stimulated however, it can actually slow down your heart and make you go from tired to ready to fall asleep right now. When you rub your eyes, you can also release histamines that can make your eyes itch. Rubbing your eyes can produce relief but it can also make your eyes itch and make your feel even more tired.

Rubbing Your Eyes Is Not The Cleanest Route

However, rubbing your eyes is not always the most hygienic choice. If it has been a long time since you last washed your hands, and you rub your eyes, you can spread germs and disease to your eyes from your hand. This is how infections such as pink eye are spread.

The Pressure Is Not Always Good For Your Eyes

Additionally, rubbing your eyes can put extra pressure on them. If you put too much pressure on your eyes when you rub them, you can squish your eyes. This can make your sight worse. In rare cases, rubbing your eyes too hard can actually cause retinal detachment. 

When you rub your eyes, you can also burst the blood vessels under your skin. This can cause the circles under your eyes to become darker and more apparent. 

If your eyes are tired, you should refrain from rubbing your eyes. It may have some benefits, but it has many downsides as well. If your eyes are tired, put a cool washcloth on your eyes and take a rest. If your eyes are feeling really dry, use some eyedrops. The temporary relief you can get from rubbing your eyes is not worth the risks that come with it. Contact a practice, such as Northway Eye & Contact Lens Center, for help.