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Remove That Spray Paint From Your Glasses Easily

Relying on your eyeglasses to see clearly while you do just about everything each day can put your glasses at risk of all sorts of damage. Spray painting projects can cause a lot of damage to your glasses quickly and easily. Fortunately, that paint doesn't have to remain on your glasses forever – you can get it off.

You will need a few supplies:

  • Soft, clean cloths
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Bowl large enough to fit your glasses in
  • Glass cleaner containing ammonia
  • Very warm water
  • Playing card or business card

Wet Paint

The more quickly you act, the easier this process will be for you. Putting off the cleaning process will make it more difficult for you to remove the paint after it has cured to the lenses and the frames.

If the paint is still wet, run very warm water into a bowl and add some liquid dish soap to it. You shouldn't need more than a few drops of dish soap. Set the glasses in the dish, making sure that the paint is fully submerged. Walk away and let the glasses soak in the water for 20 minutes or so. Then, rinse them under warm water and look to see if the paint is gone. If there is paint still on them, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe them carefully.

Note – Never try to wipe wet paint off of your glasses. You will spread the paint into a thin film that will be extremely difficult to remove.

Dried Paint

If you didn't notice the paint until it dried, don't panic – you can still get the paint off.

Pour some glass cleaner that contains ammonia into a dish large enough to submerge your glasses. Place your glasses in the dish and let them soak for 20 minutes.

Get a playing card or business card, and use it to peel the paint off of the glasses after they have soaked in the glass cleaner. If the paint isn't pliable at this point, set the glasses back in the dish and let them soak a little while longer. Repeat until the paint peels off of the glasses easily.

If you don't have much luck at first, try warming the glass cleaner in your microwave. You don't want it extremely hot, just very warm.

Eventually, you will be able to peel the paint off of your glasses and follow up with a good cleaning to remove finger prints from the lenses.

Think about purchasing a pair of safety goggles to wear over your glasses for your next painting project so you don't have to repeat this process again. You can also invest in an extra pair of glasses from a company like that represented at so that you have something to wear if your main pair is out of commission.