Glaucoma FAQ Answered

Glaucoma is a disease that affects the eyes that can lead to a number of different issues that might have to be dealt with in a myriad of different ways. Glaucoma is increasingly common among the elderly community. As you age, you may have a number of questions directly related to glaucoma and the likelihood of you experiencing glaucoma. What Causes Glaucoma? Your eye is full of fluids. One of the main areas of your eye that contains a number of clear fluids is the anterior chamber, it is located towards the front of the eye. [Read More]

3 Ways You Can Be Creative With Your Eyewear

If you wear contacts or glasses on a regular basis, you can express yourself in very creative ways while still being able to see clearly. In many ways, you can consider your eyewear accessories to complement your style and personality. Here are ways you can stand out of the crowd with both your contact lenses and your glasses, so you always feel unique while seeing 20/20. Tinted lenses If you aren't into wearing contact lenses on a regular basis but you think your glasses are a bit on the boring side, give them a splash of color that gives you a mysterious and spunky allure at the same time. [Read More]

Don't Let Glaucoma Rob You Of Your Vision

Glaucoma causes the pressure in your eye to increase, which puts stress on your optic nerve. If it goes untreated, you risk serious damage to your sight, even blindness. The cause of glaucoma is unknown, and you may not have symptoms until your vision is damaged. Here is what you need to know about this silent disease and how to prevent it from affecting your sight. Factors Affecting Your Risk of Getting Glaucoma [Read More]

So, You Have Astigmatism: What You Need To Know About Your Condition

You're sitting in your eye doctor's chair, struggling to see the eye chart. The doctor steps back from examining your eyes and says "Yep, you have some astigmatism." A quick pair of glasses or contacts, and you're out the door before you have the chance to think of questions ask questions about this condition. Here's a look at a few questions you may have now that your diagnosis has had time to set in. [Read More]