What Is Lazy Eye And How Can It Be Treated?

Lazy eye, also known as amblyopia, affects the vision of one or both eyes. It occurs when the brain does not receive clear images from one eye and learns to ignore or suppress the input from that eye. This can result in reduced vision, poor depth perception, and eye strain. If you suspect that your child is suffering from lazy eye, an eye doctor may be able to treat it.

Key Benefits Of Professional Eye Care Services

Your eyes are such an important sensory organ that you use on a daily basis. It's thus important that you take good care of them. Luckily, professional eye care services are available. Here are several ways they can benefit your life. Make Sure Contact Lens Prescription is Still Relevant If you already have contacts to see better throughout the day, then something you'll need to do at some point is to make sure the prescription for them is still relevant.