Signs You Might Have Diabetic Eyes

The CDC approximates that more than 34 million adults in America live with diabetes. What's more, 90% of that figure has Type 2 diabetes, a condition that increases a patient's risk of getting diabetic eye disease. That's why you should visit an optometrist regularly after being diagnosed with diabetes.  Your optometrist will check your eyes for any conditions that are caused by high blood sugar. If any eye condition comes up, the doctor will prescribe a diabetic eye treatment right away.

Remedies For Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact lenses are a popular corrective vision option. They offer individuals the opportunity to correct their vision in a discreet manner. This is why they are a favorite among individuals who think that they look awkward wearing glasses. Some contact lens wearers opt to choose contacts to enhance their appearance. These individuals may choose to wear colored lenses that enhance their eye color or change their eye color dramatically.  It is imperative the contact lens wearers take appropriate care of their contacts as recommended by their chosen eye care center.