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Eye Care For The Teenage Girl: How You Can Help

When it comes to being a parent of a teenage daughter, life and parenting are not always easy. You try to walk the fine line of continuing to parent and protect them, and allowing them to grow into an individual, young adult. And when it comes to taking care of their eyes, you may have your work cut out for you. So, before you get into an epic battle with your teenage daughter over their eye care and potentially necessary eyewear, get to know some of the steps you can take to help your teenage daughter deal with eye care and eyewear.

Make Eye Care A Regular Part Of Your Routine

In order to get your teenage daughter used to the idea of eye care, you should be sure that routine visits to the eye doctor are a normal part of her life. Treat visits to the eye doctor just like trips to the dentist or checkups with the doctor—a necessary component of regular health care.

Reinforce the idea that the sooner any eye problems are addressed, whether they be vision loss, glaucoma, cataracts, or any other eye disorder, then better the outcome and the better their eye health. Teenagers are old enough to understand the realities of possible health problems.

What To Do When They Do Have Vision Loss

When your daughter gets her vision assessed, she and you both hope that nothing is wrong. However, vision loss can begin to cause struggles and difficulties at any time and any age. So, if your daughter does end up needing corrective lenses, you need to be prepared to handle it.

Many teenagers have an aversion to wearing glasses because of the common negative stereotypes that people associate with visible eyewear. And while contact lenses are definitely a possibility for your teenage daughter, they will also need a pair of glasses at least as a backup. 

To convince your daughter to consider glasses, you will need to show her the different styles and options for her glasses. Designer frames are a good place to start. When your daughter sees top fashion designer names (like Chanel, Gucci, or any other designer or fashion house), they will likely start to come around to the idea. After all, if these top designers create designer frames for glasses, they must be stylish and fashionably acceptable. 

If necessary, you can also talk to your daughter about famous actors, actresses, and musicians who wear corrective eyewear regularly. Giving them real-life examples of popular personalities who wear glasses can also help to acclimate them to the idea of wearing glasses.

If you keep these ideas in mind, you will be able to help your daughter get the eye care she needs, and should she need eyewear, you can aid her with this issue as well. So, talk to a clinic like South Park Optical to take care of your daughter and her eye health as much as possible.